Slip & Skid Resistant Systems

Resilient solutions for safety critical areas.

The most common hazard in the work place is that of slippery floors. Equally areas used by the general public must be safe and meet the most stringent of requirements.

Our range of Epoxy & MMA resin based coatings and screeds, combined with carefully selected aggregates, offer a broad range of solutions to help prevent slips in the work place and in public areas.

We also produce systems for footbridge decking and areas subject to vehicular traffic, where slip and skid resistance is of paramount importance.

Whatever the need for slip and skid resistance, our systems balance the requirement for a safe surface with function and durability. Slip resistant surfaces often have to be hygienic and easily cleaned, or may also have to be chemical resistant. Whatever the overall requirement, we can select from our wide range of products to construct a system that meets the entire design criteria.

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