Industrial Flooring

Durable solutions for industrial applications.

The correct choice of floor surface in the industrial sector is the key to minimising down-time and lost production. Materials must perform and offer value for money, therefore correct specification is vital. Our range of resin systems is ideally suited for applications in most industrial environments.

Our resin based dustproofers offer cost effective treatment for dusting and friable surfaces. Our coating systems can provide slip and chemical resistant surfaces with excellent durability and aesthetic quality. For the more arduous environments, trowel applied Epoxy screeds can offer greater impact and abrasion resistance.

Our surface applied Epoxy DPM system allows old floors to be refurbished with confidence, and fast-track applications on new floors, coping with RH values of up to 97%.

Epoxy and MMA based repair materials will provide durable repairs to concrete floors and joint edges, with minimum disruption and down-time.

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