Chemical Resistant Systems

Epoxy systems for bund protection & floors subject to chemical attack.

Chemical resistant systems must provide the end user with the confidence that when a chemical breach occurs, the protection afforded by the resin lining provides the opportunity for the spillage to be safely dealt with.

Our range of highly chemical resistant Epoxy systems, Resbuild Ultra products, is specifically designed for application in chemical environments. Highly cross-linked Epoxy coatings and resin rich screeds can provide effective solutions to flooring and bund lining applications in the most aggressive of chemical environments, for example providing long term resistance against 96-99% Sulphuric acid.

Other materials within our range offer chemical resistant properties, including our Resbuild MMA systems, which may provide advantages in terms of rapid return to service.

Our in-house technical section can offer specific advice on chemical resistance, to ensure the appropriate system is selected, avoiding over-specification and without compromising safety.

See details of our Resbuild Ultra materials here.

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