Resbuild MMA Smoothscreed FR has been successfully installed in Chancery Lane Underground Station in Holborn, Central London

06 Feb

Resbuild MMA Smoothscreed FR has been successfully installed in Chancery Lane Underground Station

Section 12 approved for London Underground stations, the Resbuild MMA Smoothscreed FR system combines a primer, self-smoothing screed with aggregate broadcast and sealer, to produce a cleanable and slip resistant finish.


Due to the busy nature of the location, a fast return to service and minimal down times were essential prerequisites of material selection, making Resbuild MMA Smoothscreed FR an ideal product to use; allowing a full return to service after 2 hours cure, even in cold temperatures.


In a setting with a requirement for a tough, flexible, chemical resistant floor finish, where slip resistance and flame retardant properties were essential, Resbuild MMA Smoothscreed FR was the perfect choice; combining an attractive finish with durability and slip resistance, coupled with excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals.


Our Resbuild MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) resin systems offer a diverse range of solutions, for both internal and external environments, and all with a rapid return to service, coupled with excellent cleanability and durability. 

From smooth flooring systems, to broadcast or trowel quartz systems, or systems incorporating a decorative coloured flake, a hygienic floor with the desired slip and chemical resistance can be achieved within a few hours.


From project specification to on-site inspection, Resin Building Products Limited can offer well proven technical solutions to meet the most arduous of environments.


As we work closely with our specialist contractor network we can also assist with obtaining budget pricing and competitive quotations for any project.


Our range of Resbuild Epoxy and Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resin based products includes coatings and screeds; chemical resistant flooring and bund lining systems; concrete repair and protection systems; hygienic flooring systems; highly decorative resin systems; slip and skid resistant decking systems.


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