Resbuild SF Coating

Solvent free high build Epoxy coating

As a waterproof, tough, chemical resistant floor or wall coating in warehouses, food preparation areas, production facilities, breweries, bottling factories, etc. As an internal lining for concrete, steel or brickwork storage tanks containing oils, chemicals, water, raw sewage, etc. It is particularly suitable for chemical bunds.

SF Coating BAE


Resbuild SF Coating is a two pack Epoxy coating which provides protective and decorative properties to concrete, steel and other substrates. After mixing together, an easily applied chemical and abrasion resistant finish is produced. A slip resistant finish may be achieved by broadcasting an appropriate aggregate.


  • Solvent free, low odour
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel 
  • High build 
  • Tough and durable 
  • Easily applied 
  • Hygienic and easily cleaned 
  • Slip resistant options
  • Range of colours
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Typical Properties

Pot life
@ 20°C: 45 Minutes
@ 10°C: 90 Minutes

Colours: Grey, Red (BS4800 or RAL colours on request)

Coverage: 0.25-0.30kg/m²/coat

Tack free time @ 20°C: 6 hours
Hard dry time@ 20°C: 10 hours
Full chemical resistance @ 20°C: 7 days

Adhesion strength to concrete: 3.9 MPa (concrete failure)
Adhesion strength to mild steel: >12 MPa

Chemical resistance: excellent resistance to dilute acids, dilute alkalis, oil, petrol, diesel, vegetable oils, raw sewage etc.

Please consult our Technical Department for specific advice.