Resbuild Ultra Laminating Resin

Chemical resistant Epoxy laminating resin

As a laminating resin, used in conjunction with multidirectional roving or other reinforcing mesh. Suitable for chemical bunds, effluent tanks, steel or concrete storage tanks, etc. As a clear, chemical resistant sealer.


Resbuild Ultra Laminating Resin is a high performance two pack Epoxy resin, having exceptional resistance to aggressive acids, solvents and alcohols e.g. 96-99% Sulphuric acid, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, and Methanol. The product has a low viscosity and rapid curing characteristics, even at low temperatures.


  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Tough, durable and abrasion resistant
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Clear, but may be readily pigmented
  • Low temperature cure
  • Rapid curing characteristics
  • Convenient 2:1 volume mix (Base to Curing Agent)
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Typical Properties

Colour: Pale Straw

Volume Solids: 99.8%

Pot life @ 20°C: 30 minutes

Pot life @ 10°C: 60 minutes

Tack free time@20°C: 2 hours
Hard Dry time @ 20°C: 4 hours
Full Chemical Resistance @ 20°C: 5 days

Adhesive strength to concrete: 4.1MPa (concrete failure)

Adhesive strength to steel: 15 MPa

Temperature range during application: 2°C to 35°C
Temperature range during service: -20°C to 70°C

Chemical Resistance Guide available upon request. Otherwise please consult our Technical Department for specific advice.