Resbuild Jointseal

Epoxy sealant for saw cut joints

To seal floor joints in food factories and warehouses where heavy vehicular trafficking occurs.



Resbuild Jointseal is a coloured, two pack, pourable, flexibilised Epoxy sealant. The consistency of the mixed sealant allows direct pouring of the sealant into horizontal joints. Resbuild Jointseal is hard and tough enough to protect arris edges from heavy wheel loading, but possesses sufficient flexibility to accommodate a degree of movement (10% of the joint width). Resbuild Jointseal is particularly suitable for filling saw cut joints in long strip floor construction.


  • No Primer required 
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete 
  • Tough and resilient 
  • Suitable for wide joints 
  • Highly resistant to water 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Fast curing 
  • Hygienic and easily cleanable 
  • Low viscosity
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Typical Properties

Colours: Light Grey (BS4800 or RAL colours available on request)

Pot Life: 1 hour @ 20°C

Specific Gravity: 1.32

Shore A hardness: 75

Movement accommodation factor: 10%

Chemical Resistance: Very good resistance to dilute mineral acids, alkalis, petrol, oils, milk, citric acid, hydraulic fluid, and hot water.

Please refer to our technical department for specific advice.