Resbuild Floorseal

Ultra-low viscosity solvent based Epoxy sealer

As a sealer and surface hardener for cementitious systems in factories, garages, engineering workshops, abattoirs, dairies, etc., and on external slabs subjected to weathering and heavy traffic.



Resbuild Floorseal is a two pack, solvented Epoxy resin, which penetrates into the pore structure of concrete or masonry to leave a sealed, surface-hardened, dust proof finish with greatly increased chemical resistance. The material is easy to mix and apply, and is supplied in a convenient 1:1 volume mix ratio.

Resbuild Floorseal cures in a two stage operation:
• physical drying i.e. evaporation of the solvent, followed by,
• a chemical reaction between the active ingredients of the Base and Curing Agent components


  • Penetrates deeply (typically 6-9mm) 
  • Dust-proofs and surface hardens floors 
  • Seals against ingress of water, chemicals, etc 
  • Enhances abrasion resistance 
  • 1:1 Volume mix 
  • Long pot life 
  • Fast Drying 
  • Taint free after application 
  • Provides easy to clean surfaces 
  • Suitable for external application
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Typical Properties

Pot life @ 20C: 6 hours

Colours: Pale Straw (colourless after application).

Application Temperatures minimum 3ºC maximum 35ºC