Resbuild Cureseal

Acrylic resin based curing aid and sealer

As a curing/sealing treatment to new concrete, including patterned concrete driveways and blocks.As a sealing/dust proofing treatment to old concrete. As a primer/sealer for subsequent top coats. Examples: Industrial workshops, car parks, warehouses, food preparation areas, driveways and garages.


Resbuild Cureseal is a single pack, solvent-borne, clear Acrylic resin based curing compound, surface sealer and dust proofer for concrete. When applied to freshly placed concrete, Resbuild Cureseal functions as a curing membrane, reducing any tendency towards drying shrinkage cracks. At the same time the surface becomes sealed against the ingress of oils and many aqueous chemicals, and a harder wearing floor is produced. When applied to old/aged concrete floors, Resbuild Cureseal penetrates into the pore structure thereby sealing and dust proofing the surface. Having excellent adhesion to concrete, Resbuild Cureseal allows the application of subsequent paint/coating treatments, thereby minimising surface preparation


  • Easily applied by brush, roller or spray 
  • High curing efficiency (>75%) 
  • Good chemical and abrasion resistance 
  • Seals and dust proofs the surface 
  • Compatible with most subsequent finishes 
  • Provides easily cleanable floor surface 
  • Internal and external use 
  • Resistant to ultra violet radiation 
  • Single pack – ready to use
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Typical Properties

Appearance: Pale straw coloured liquid with characteristic odour

S.G.: 0.910g/cm³

Drying time @ 20°c: Tack free 2-4 hours Hard dry 16-24 hours

Flash point: 28°c

Curing efficiency: >75% (ASTM309-74).

Chemical resistance: Resistant to spillages of dilute mineral acids, caustic alkali solutions, vegetable oils, deicing salts, etc.