Resbuild Anti-Carb

Decorative and protective coating for external structures

Where new and existing concrete and masonry structures require protection from Water, Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Oxides of Nitrogen, Chlorides, Sulphates and UV radiation. Examples: car parks, commercial and industrial buildings, bridges, subways, high rise flats, roofing.



Resbuild Anti-Carb has been formulated to confer long term protective and decorative properties to concrete and masonry surfaces. The micro-porous structure of the coating acts as a barrier to the ingress of Chlorides and Carbon Dioxide and other acid gases, but allows the passage of water vapour from the substrate. The elastomeric nature of Resbuild Anti-Carb ensures good crack bridging properties, in case of structural movement.


  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance
  • Single pack and easy to apply
  • Protects substrates from carbonation
  • Highly resistant to freeze/thaw cycling
  • Elastic nature with crack bridging properties
  • Allows structure to ‘breathe’
  • Water based and non-toxic Range of colours available (to RAL standards)
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Typical Properties

Colours: White, Light Grey (RAL colours available on request)
Finish: Eggshell

Application rate: 3.5-5.5m²/litre/coat (2 coats recommended)

Volume Solids: 56%

Wet film thickness: 180 microns per coat
Equivalent dry film thickness: 100 microns per coat

Touch dry: 1 to 3 hours (dependant on ventilation)
Through dry: 2-16 hours
Overcoating interval: 16 hours minimum

Tensile strength: 3.7 MPa @ 20°C

Carbon Dioxide Diffusion Coefficient: 965,000

Equivalent air thickness, R: >200m @ 300 microns dft.

Water vapour transmission rate: 12g/m²/day

Service temperatures: -30°C to + 80°C

Elongation at break: 350% @ 20°C